What is AWES?

Alberta Workforce Essential Skills Society (AWES) is a non-profit training organization that promotes the importance of ensuring workers have the essential skills required to engage in healthy productive lives. Workers with the appropriate levels of essential skills are able to evolve with their jobs and adapt to an ever-changing workplace more readily. Jobs of today and in the future will continue to increase in degrees of complexity, resulting in the need for workers to continue to build on their essential skills.

AWES training promotes:

• Better health and safety records  - Providing your employees with a better understanding of safety practices will lead to fewer injuries, less employee downtime and lower insurance costs.

• More efficient use of resources  - Skill training helps employees reach their potential. Skilled people make better use of materials, reducing the costs of error and waste.

• Employee satisfaction and retention - Through investment in training that is tailored for your workforce, your employees will have higher job satisfaction, motivation and commitment.

Whether you are an employer, a union, a non-profit organization or a workplace essential skillls practitioner, AWES has the essential skills tools and services you need.

  • Workplace

    We collaborate with employers and employees to implement essential skills training solutions that empower people to excel.

  • eLearning

    AWES' online and blended learning options allow organizations to increase employees’ Workplace Essential Skills on a flexible schedule leading to greater job skills, performance and employee satisfaction.

  • WES Practitioner Training

    AWES is a leader in training Workplace Essential Skills practitioners. In our workshops, practitioners learn each stage of a WES training initiative, from engaging clients and clients' partners, to conducting needs assessments, to designing effective customized training solutions.


  • Tools and Publications

    Our user-friendly tools and publications can be downloaded, putting content and strategies for change at your fingertips. These resources will make a difference in developing capacity for both leaders and frontline workers.