Completed Projects

Bridge to Project Management

Funded by Innovative Language Programs - Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training & Labour

The Bridge to Project Management (BPM) project will introduce learners to the fundamental language (vocabulary, concepts, and functions) and workplace essential skills related to project management. This course will equip employees with project management skills and it  will act as a bridge into conventional project management training classes.

Youth Empower Program - Piikani Employment Services 2015 & 2016

Responding to a needs assessment and skill assessment of learners develop a 12 week Workplace Essential Skills program to lead into skill specific training for participants.  Focus of the project is developing WES skills for health care aide and construction fields.

Bridge to Frontline Leadership 2015

Funded by Alberta Human Services and Citizenship & Immigration Canada

AWES is developing and piloting a leadership training program for newcomers to Canada who are advancing into frontline leadership roles. The program uses a blended-delivery format: online learning paired with face-to-face instruction and coaching. The content focuses on communication, thinking skills and workplace safety as they relate to leadership in the Canadian workplace.

Sustainable Solutions 2013

Funded by Alberta Construction Association

AWES conducted an industry-led needs assessment of the ongoing challenges employers experience with attracting, retaining and developing workers in Alberta’s construction sector. The Alberta Construction Association initiated this project in partnership with AWES and Alberta Enterprise & Advanced Education.

The new approach to skills development is to provide supports to employers and workers to help identify skills gaps on an ongoing basis, and then to provide training to bridge the gaps. The project raised the awareness of workplace essential skills solutions in the construction sector and provided recommendations for piloting the new approach.

Waterworks 2013

Funded by Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association

AWES conducted a workplace essential skills needs assessment to identify key issues for water and wastewater operators in rural Alberta’s municipal public works and utilities sector. AWES worked in partnership with Responsive Strategies Inc. and the Closer to Home Alberta initiative. AWES’ report confirmed the learning needs within the occupation and raised the awareness of essential skills solutions.