Completed Projects

Sodexo 2013

Funded by Community and Business Services, Alberta Human Services

AWES conducted a workplace essential skills needs assessment to determine the skill needs of workers in housekeeping services at a Calgary hospital. The assessment led to diversity training for frontline supervisors and a workplace essential skills training program focused on oral communication and document use for frontline staff. This project was in partnership with Sodexo and Alberta Human Services.

As a result of the training, staff improved their ability to read, understand and complete documents, which reduced time and related costs. Improved interpersonal relations between staff led to reduced conflict, better coaching and a more welcoming workplace. Enhanced communication skills led to fewer misunderstandings and more effective employee orientations and training.

Work Up! 2011

Funded by the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills

Trained WES specialists by:

  • introduced them to the methodology and complexity levels
  • conducted needs assessments with employers
  • discussed recommendations and chose training paths with employer
  • developed curriculum within a workplace context using authentic materials specific to the employer
  • evaluated the training

Marketed the results of the project to raise awareness of Workplace Essential Skills issues with Alberta employers.

Building on Investment 2011

Funded by Innovative Language Programs, Alberta Employment and Immigration

AWES produced and piloted three training resources to support immigrants and their employers:

  • Working with Newcomers: Tips for Culturally-Diverse Canadian Organizations
  • Giving Safety Talks: A Guide for the Construction Sector
  • English in the Workplace Best Practices Practitioners’ Guide.

The project was in partnership with the Alberta Construction Safety Association, Construction Sector Council, and Alberta Employment & Immigration. As a result, AWES closed a pressing industry gap by putting sets of high-quality resources into the hands of employers and employees.

Implementing Essential Skills Training at Meridian Manufacturing Group 2009

Funded by Workforce Supports Division, Alberta Employment and Immigration

AWES identified essential skills gaps and determined an effective way to address them without negatively disrupting business operations. We delivered 200 hours of essential skills training. Employees completed this during both paid and unpaid time. The project was in partnership with Meridian Manufacturing and Alberta Employment & Immigration. As oral communication, document use, reading and numeracy skills increased, safe practices and standard operating procedures improved. As a result, misunderstandings decreased through clearer instructions and better questions, which had a positive impact on productivity and the quality of work.

Pockar Masonry 2009

Funded by Community and Business Services, Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry

AWES conducted an essential skills needs assessment in the company and followed through with integrated training for both native and non-native English speakers. This project was in partnership with Pockar Masonry, the Alberta Construction Association and Alberta Employment & Immigration. Better productivity and workplace safety improved through training which included communication, document use, plain language and computer skills. As a result, employees felt valued, competence increased and communication flowed more effectively.