Partnerships in Workplace Skills Development

AWES is a key partner of governing bodies, employers, workers, educators and government. We anticipate skills development issues and implement the corresponding workplace solutions.

Private Sector

AWES recognizes that the private sector is the engine of Alberta’s economy. Our essential skills initiatives contribute to business needs, such as productivity, safety, and efficiency, by enhancing the quality of employees’ skills. AWES works with small, medium and large enterprises across various sectors such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and service-related industries.

Some of our private sector partners…




Public Sector

AWES was created by visionary government leadership to build essential skills capacity for Alberta. We have enduring partnerships with government organizations, collaborating to address the most pressing workforce learning needs.

Some of our public sector partners…


Sector Councils

Sector councils and associations govern and lead the range of professions that make up the workforce. In the past decade, changing demographics, increased immigration and the rapid pace of technological advances have increased pressure on the workforce. Organizations need skilled workers who can either “hit the ground running” or quickly “come up to speed”.

AWES understands this and has been part of the solution since our beginning. We have worked with many governing bodies from energy and manufacturing to construction, forestry and food processing. We remain a key partner to anticipate skills development issues and implement the corresponding workplace solutions.

Some of our Sector Council partners...

Social Sector

AWES has a long history of working with the social sector in Alberta. The social sector finds solutions to complex societal challenges. In order to strengthen communities, social sector organizations must become learning organizations to meet their clients’ needs. We increase social sector organizations’ capacity to meet the workplace essential skills needs of their clients through various joint initiatives and training opportunities.

In 2013, we trained 46 practitioners from literacy organizations, business training organizations and  colleges across Alberta to understand and use workplace essential skills to fulfill their clients’ needs.

Some of our Social Sector partners are...