Low skills may show up differently at different levels. Front-line staff may not be filling documents out properly, and project managers may not be managing timelines, and team leaders may not be creating positive team dynamics.

Organizational signs

Product errors, product recall, waste

Poor health and safety records

Higher rates of worker’s compensation insurance

High rates of absenteeism and staff turnover

Employees not accepting promotion opportunities

Employee signs

May perform well now, but are slow to respond to changes and developments

Can’t read or understand job instructions

Take a day off to avoid training

Depend to a high degree on supervisors and team leaders and/or translators

Make product errors because they can’t make calculations or follow procedures

Can’t work within timelines

Can’t understand ISO documentation

Can your employees

Understand and use written and online information

Fill out forms and complete reports

Use numbers accurately – money math, measuring, converting measurements, budgeting

Operate equipment

Use computers

Think logically to solve workplace problems

Communicate with fellow team members and customers

Access training

Understand and comply with regulations

Meet customer needs

Improve productivity

Is your organization prepared for upcoming trends

More stringent safety and consumer protection regulations

More competitive and geographically diverse customer base

More diverse workforce in terms of ethnicity, background and skills sets

Greater digitization