Organizational needs analysis

Essential skills initiatives are most effective when training decisions are based on reliable data that is gathered during an Organizational Needs Analysis (ONA) by talking to employees at all levels within an organization.  A thorough ONA will include looking at the tasks the workers within a particular occupational group are required to perform, and building an occupational profile.

This enables AWES to respond strategically with customized training to the current essential skills needs and anticipate what will drive decisions tomorrow for a competent, adaptable and innovative workforce.

We use a range of research methods including focus groups, interviews and job shadowing to reach well-informed training solutions.

AWES online essential skills assessment

The AWES Workforce Essential Skills Assessment Tool is an online assessment which measures document use, reading and numeracy skill levels. It can be used in the workplace and in the classroom to assess skills, develop targeted training, and measure progress.

AWES offers services related to the assessment including:

  • Complete skill reports for all workers within an organization
  • Profile of participant group
  • Recommendations for training

The assessment is available on an individual assessment basis or can be purchased for an organization to use.