The AWES formula is proven to increase essential skills in clients.

Our formula:

Conduct a needs and skills assessment

  • Uncover skills gaps
  • Define business goals
  • Clarify needs of all parties

Develop a framework and curriculum

  • Customize to individual needs of the client
  • Use authentic materials from the client and incorporate them into the curriculum
  • Utilize case studies from the specific industry

Train the trainers

  • Build awareness of the needs of training group
  • Teach to focus on learning strategies
  • Enable trainers to understand the complexity of the client’s tasks

Implement the training

  • Arrange for scheduling of classes
  • Decide process for monitoring attendance

Monitor the training

  • Schedule timely meetings with the team
  • Adjust content based on emerging information

Measure the success

  • Evaluate skills gain
  • Gather feedback on content
  • Engage with employers to assess impact