Are you looking for an effective way to target training and measure results?

The AWES Workplace Essential Skills Assessment Tool can be used by individuals, in the workplace, and in the classroom to assess skills, develop targeted training, and measure progress.

What are the features and benefits?

  • It is easy to use, informative, cost-effective, and reliable.
  • It measures workplace essential skills levels in reading, document use, and numeracy.
  • Users instantly get a customized results report and learning plan.
  • A post-assessment can measure training results.
  • It can be used with all adult learners including English Language Learners and Indigenous groups.

How does the assessment tool work?

Locator test
The locator test is a six-question testlet designed to take the anxiety out of test taking for people with lower literacy skills. If the learner scores high, they go to the next level. If they score low, the assessment is finished.

Short and long version assessments
Each of these assessments contains an adaptive algorithm, meaning that if a question is answered correctly the next question will be harder, but if the question is answered incorrectly, a question of the same level will be given. AWES will help you choose the version that fits your needs.

AWES believes in the importance of ongoing assessment so invested in this tool as an opportunity to track participant results. It is offered to our clients at a nominal cost to cover the administrative and hosting requirements of the tool. Contact us directly to discuss your needs and we will provide an estimate of the cost to provide ongoing assessment, reports and learning opportunities for your clients.

To preview the assessment, visit our website and try the practice questions.

Complete the organizational sign up if you would like us to contact you about using the tool for your clients or employees.