Skills for Work

Created in partnership with TIQ Software, AWES is excited to announce our just released and very first ‘gamified’ training series! Our team has been working hard over the last few months to get the pilot ready for Skills for Work, a new 18 course online training resource. Our decision to branch out and explore a new training platform has been both exciting and challenging and we are very pleased with the result. With the current pandemic and the inability for face-to-face training, workers need an alternative way to develop skills so they can reintegrate into the workforce and find gainful employment. We are confident this resource will satisfy that need for many learners and their employers!

AWES’ new Skills for Work 18 course training series is targeted to newcomers, but can be used by anyone looking for skills development and employment readiness. The courses focus on building language, essential skills, and knowledge of workplace culture. Designed to break down barriers and be accessible to individuals who have limited access to other mainstream training services, these courses can be completed on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone at the pace best suited for the learner. Using gaming principles, we believe this resource will create a more enjoyable learning experience and lead to an increase in engagement and improved learning outcomes. This online series is broken up into 2 levels: the first 9 courses are targeted to CLB 3-5 and incorporate basic English, and the second 9 courses move into CLB 6-8 for intermediate levels of English. Skills for Work will be available at no cost until February 2021. Check out our flyer below for more information and click it to register!